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Shaun W. Ratcliffe is a visual artist based in the Boston MetroWest / Worcester area, living in Clinton, MA. Recently discovered to have the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) trait, which basically is: "according to the research by Dr.Elaine Aron, HSPs are thought to be found in approximatley 20% of the human population (and the animal population for that matter.) This population is thought to have more finely tuned central nervous systems so therefore we are more susceptible to environmental stimuli whether that be positive or negative. This kind of stimuli might be noise, fragrance, certain foods, chaos, beauty, pain, ...We tend to process this sensory stimuli more deeply that the average person. It can be quite a blessing...joy...enjoyable...yet challenging trait to have." 

Because of this sensitivity, it enables me to be very observant and aids me in my artistry. I find my work to be 99% observation and inspiration (combined) and 1% technique. However, my friends accuse me of being far too modest in my saying that. Oh, well... it's how I understand it to be, anyway and that's good enough for me. :-)

Currently, Shaun is working on establishing himself in the local arts community in Worcester and MetroWest areas

When not working on artistic endeavors, he likes to spend time with his peers who share lived experience of extreme emotional states, and works to raise awareness of mental health recovery through his media and artwork. He also enjoys the outdoors, specifically camping and just observing his surroundings while thinking of ways to portray what he sees and experiences honestly and with passion.

Shaun is currently seeking any work related to art and peer support of artists with lived experience of extreme emotional + mental states and are seeking recovery. He is also doing side work at local flea markets creating and selling digital and handmade art, in order to raise funds for the Community Creators' Co-Op Cafe he hopes to launch in the near future. You can read about that venture at his blog, http://javathehutt.wordpress.com.

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